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Tunis: where to eat

Worldwide friends, welcome to a new English version, finally! This time, I'm going to tell you about some restaurants I've been eating at during my two-months-and-something here. Ready?

"Les Amis" - La Goulette (Avenue Roosevelt)

Just like every restaurant in La Goulette, Les Amis serves basically grilled fish. The very good point of it, although, is that they have a standard menu consisting of some vegetable appetizers (cooked and raw), a spicy soup, the best brik I've ever eaten and a main fish dish with fries. The fries were a little bit flabby, but all the rest was delicious, and for just 10 dinars (around 4.50 euros). The restaurant is quite popular, with cats and everything, but quite clean. You can have a look at some pictures here.

"Positano" - La Marsa

Italian restaurant, a real one, with real pizza (not the best one I've ever eaten, but still a real pizza, and probably the best one you can get in Tunis) and other Italian dishes, such as pasta, ravioli and appetizers like bresaola and mozzarella. The ingredients are very good, and they have pork, so, if you are missing it, "Positano" could be a good choice. Small place, very nice, price of a pizza between 10 and 20 dinars (good given that it is in La Marsa). But avoid the desserts. Pictures here.

"Al Khawali" - Al-Aouina

My favourite restaurant without any doubt! It is a syrian restaurant, which means that the food is completely different from the Tunisian one: way more refined, usually not spicy. You must go there and try all the appetizers, like hummus (chickpeas cream), hummus beiruti (eggplant cream), cucumber and yoghurt cream or fattush (a salad), of course with a lot of their delicious bread. The meat is very good, too. The restaurant is really beautiful and cheap, from less than 10 dinars to 30 depending if you take the meat or not. Pictures here.

"Un Punto Macrobiotico" - Tunis (Place Pasteur)

Macrobiotic restaurant near the centre of the city. Very healthy dishes, almost all vegan (but you can have some fish too). Not extremely tasty, so if you are used to cook salty things you might dislike it (I eat almost saltless, so I was ok), but apart from that all the dishes tasted refined and interesting. I loved the tangerine-and-apple ice-cream with raisins and honey (the chocolate balls were good too, but maybe a bit too "heavy" at the end of a meal). Pictures here.

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