domenica 21 dicembre 2014

English version

Some of my international friends have been asking for an English version of this newborn blog, so... here I am with my first English post!

But let me introduce myself first. I am Sara, an Italian 22-year-old girl. I have just graduated in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, and given that I dream of becoming an interpreter, I'm going to move to Tunis for six months in order to improve my (poor) Arabic.
The aim of this blog is precisely talking about my dear Tunis and all the (mis)adventures I'm going to live there. I have been to Tunis twice during summer, so I'm pretty sure I will have adventures and misadventures.

I won't translate every single post into English, I'm sure I will have too many things to do to keep almost two blogs! I will translate some posts and sum up others, but I promise you won't miss anything important.

So, go and start packing, we are leaving soon!

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